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Saturday sharks event

In Kattegatcentret.

Is it possible to meditate in a tank, full of sharks?

Saturday evening Aarhus Triple Challange invite all the freediveres to Kattegatcentret for a Shark event.

The shark tank

Two freediveres will be invitet into a 550.000-litre tropical sea water pool, with sand tiger sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks, one bearded shark, black-tipped and white-tipped reef sharks, lemon sharks and elegant sting rays. Here they will sit on the bottom and hold their breath with big sharks all around them.

The spot where the two freedivers are going to sit

The spot where the two freedivers are going to sit, from another angle

All freedivers are invitet into the big 6 meter deep oceanarium with 1.5 million litres of sea water. The pool are contained by an 18-centimetre-thick acrylic window, so visitors can see fish, freedivers and creatures from the Kattegat.
Shoal fish, large bottom-dwelling fish and some of the Danish sharks.

The water is 17 to 18 degree, so bring a suit.

The Oceanarium

The Shark event is a good opportunity for television to film fredivers in their natural habitat.
Triple Challenge are working on getting television from several countries to expose our sport.

The Shark Event is not don yet, so stay updatet.

Best Regards

Kurt Lykke Larsen